Medium and Miniature Labradoodle Puppies

Looking for available labradoodle puppies? We have miniature labradoodle puppies and medium labradoodle puppies available.



Medium Labradoodle Puppies Coming Soon!

We have standard labradoodle puppies ready for Christmas!


We have miniature and medium labradoodle puppies ready to go home early in 2018.  Go to the AVAILABILITY page for more information about the upcoming miniature and medium litters.  Contact us now to be put on the waiting list for these litters!


A few reasons to consider a medium labradoodle puppy or miniature labradoodle puppy… 

*Hypoallergenic/allergy-friendly non-shedding coats.

*They fit easily in a car seat for families on the go.

*They are small enough to share a snuggle on a lap, couch, or bed, but big enough to go on a hike or run.

*They are a substantial dog without being overwhelming.

*They are the perfect combination of indoor snuggler and outdoor companion.

If you have any questions about availability or want information and/or an application, please fill out the following form for more information.

We do our best to return emails within 24 hours.  If you do not get a response, please email us directly.

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