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Medium Labradoodle Puppies Coming in March!

Pacific Rim’s Peggy Sue and Spring Creek’s Tango have had their last litter together! 

Puppies born 3-11-17…

There is one black male available in this litter

These two produce stunning offspring.  The pups will be in the 30-40 pound range at maturity.  Below is a picture of the available pup from this litter…



Pacific Rim’s Harlan and Ladd Hill’s Fletcher have had their litter! 

Born 3-8-17…

These puppies are all sold

These pups will be about 30 pounds in gorgeous shades of apricot and red with white markings.   Below are a few pictures of pups from the litter…



Pacific Rim’s Laverne and Pacific Rim’s Frazier have a new litter of medium labradoodle puppies!!

These pups should be nice larger medium sized labradoodles.  Laverne has a great solid build and weighs in at about 30 pounds.  Frazier is a bigger boy with a gorgeous soft red coat and eyes that absolutely melt you.  These pups will be stunning!  We have apricot and black puppies in this litter.

We have 3 pups available in this litter…two black male and one apricot male.  Below are pictures of the available puppies.


Small Medium/Miniature Labradoodle Puppies Coming in April

Pacific Rim’s Josie and Ladd Hill’s Fletcher are expecting a litter in April.  These little muffins will be in the 20-25 pound range and we are hopeful for a rainbow of colors and markings. 

The waiting list for this litter is currently full. 




We will have litters of miniature and medium labradoodle puppies in the Spring of 2017. 

Contact us now to get on the waiting list!

Upcoming litters for 2017:

Below are listed some of the litters that we are hopeful for in the upcoming year.  If you are interested in any of these litters, just let us know and we can provide you with more information.

Pacific Rim’s Gemma X Ladd Hill’s Fletcher….will produce medium pups in a range of colors including apricot, chocolate, black, and parti colors.  This is a repeat breeding and the previous litter with these two parents gave us stunning puppies. 

This waiting list is currently open

Pacific Rim’s Harlan X Ladd Hill’s Fletchercoming in March…will produce medium apricot puppies with white markings.  This is a repeat breeding and the previous litter was phenominal.

Pacific Rim’s Peggy X Spring Creek’s Tango….coming in March…this is going to be Peggy’s last litter for us.  The pups will be in the 40 pound range.  Chocolate, black, and parti pups are expected.

Pacific Rim’s Laverne X Pacific Rim’s Fraziercoming in MarchThis litter should produce chocolate and apricot puppies in the medium size range. 

Pacific Rim’s Ruby X  Ladd Hill’s Fletcher…Ruby is our new girl out of Spring Creek’s Tango and Laverne.  This will be her first litter and should produce apricot pups in the medium size range.

This waiting list is currently open.

Pacific Rim’s Josie X Ladd Hill’s Fletchercoming in April…Josie is our new girl out of Chili Bean and Spring Creek’s Tango.  She is absolutely adorable and we are hopeful for a beautiful litter of miniatures with her and Fletcher.

Pacific Rim’s Lucy X TBD…Lucy is our new girl out of our Gemma and Ocean View’s Huck Finn.  She is very small and we hope to find a small boy for her so we can get a litter of small miniatures.




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