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Comments from a few of our “doodle” owners…


 “Gretchen, you accidentally sold me the very best dog on the planet, but, too late now!!!!!  I’m keeping him!
 Oakley is 16 weeks old and is just the best behaved dog I’ve ever seen.  He is so smart, fun, loving- all the things in my “recipe” for the perfect dog.
 We were at Petsmart last night for week 3 of puppy training.  When the trainer used Oakley as her demo dog for “Leave It”, she only had to train him twice and he got it.  In fact, she couldn’t show the rest of the techniques to train the behavior because he succeeded so quickly!  She had to use another dog. 
Thank you for such a well bred and cared for dog.
> Thank you again Gretchen.  Oakley has been a blessing in our family- he’s one thing we can actually all agree on!” 
G.W. in Arizona

“I researched the breed for two years and reached out to many breeders
in that time. It wasn’t until I met Gretchen online that I felt
confident in our adoption of Haley!! That was nine years ago this
month she was born and we have the most coveted and beautiful dog! In
our nine years with Haley we have been blessed with six grandchildren
and she takes them all in stride!! Thank you Gretchen for all that Haley brings to our lives each day!!!”

Betty in Washington State

“I was so pleased with my experience purchasing my goldendoodle “Charlie” from Pacific Rim Labradoodles.  Gretchen Anthony was wonderful to work with.  She was honest and responsive to my many questions.”
Jane in California

“I can’t say enough about the professionalism of the staff at Pacific Rim Labradoodles and the quality of their pups. I would highly recommend this breeder to anyone who is looking for a doodle as they have stood behind each and every pup.”
K.V. in Oregon

“This breeder is thorough, careful and showcases the best in professionalism.  We were not only treated warmly prior to obtaining our puppy but our puppy was delivered to us in great condition — his records were in order and he had obviously been given a very good start in life.  We could not be more thrilled with the result.  I would recommend them to anyone (and have made recommendations without reservation) for a wonderful puppy purchase experience.  Gretchen is a jewel.  We could not have asked for a better experience or a better puppy.”
Linda in Oregon

“I never thought I would enjoy having a dog so much. Gretchen really matched us up well with this new member of our family.”
Karen in Canada

“Gretchen continues to be available to answer any questions we may have, and I think she is one of the most conscientious dog breeders in the business— and I’ve talked to so many. Her love for her family and their animals really shows in the dogs she breeds.  We would get another dog from her in a heart beat!”
Julie in California

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